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Semaine de la Francophonie Creative Placemaking Summit


Caption: 2017 Semaine de la Francophonie Creative Placemaking Summit


2017 Semaine de la Francophonie reviewed

For a fifth year, NUNU Arts and Culture Collective hosted a five-day Creative Placemaking Summit that featured exceptional initiators who contribute to the revitalization of a city, neighborhood or region around arts and/or cultural capacity.

Afternoon discussions tackled some of the challenges inherent to Creative Placemaking: forging partnerships, countering community skepticism, assembling financing, clearing regulator hurdles, ensuring maintenance and sustainability and developing metrics of performance.

A summary of outcomes by day are as follows:

  • Tourism Day – partnership creation for the purpose of combating funding reductions and niche tourism business development.
  • St. Luc French Immersion and Cultural Campus Day – program development relevant to community, whether Cajun and Creole language use or cultural business development.
  • CODOFIL Day – the economic viability of Creole language use correlated to increase demand for Creole language speakers within the Caribbean. Incorporation of one day of Creole language use in Louisiana French Immersion school curriculum.
  • Economic Development Day – partnerships built on projects that serve community bring down historical boundaries, become focal points for collaboration and growth, and can even produce broad and regional impact.
  • Environmental Sustainability Day – education in waste generation, disposal and recycling through example. Practice first before you preach.


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